Dogs Connect

Creating lifelong learners through wellbeing, awareness, and connection.

Working with Dogs Connect improves connectedness within your school community.  We support you in bringing a dog into your school community to improve the learning journey and culture of your school.

We work with you towards having your own school dog from the early stages, through to using a dog as a teaching facilitator, and education enhancement tool.

The work we undertake calls on unique experience, research, practice, and brings amazing results.  It builds stronger connections, enhances academic outcomes, social success, and learning in all areas.

Dogs Connect provides expert guidance throughout this process, from the concept planning stages, through to complete implementation of innovative change in your school.


Dogs and mankind have shared friendship and working relationships throughout history. Evidence supports the notion that dogs have positive impacts on children’s school experience on a wide variety of levels (Anderson & Olson, 2006).  Grant has discovered and become passionate about this through research and experience.

Grant and Sonny

Grant is passionate about improving the quality of deep learning and Sonny has been working in schools since he was 8 weeks old.

Benefits of Dogs Connect

Working with a dog in your school creates a culture of engagement, connectedness, nurturing and positivity. Dogs Connect improve the learning experience and wellbeing of students involved.

What can we do for you?
  • Alignment with Action Research Model
  • Innovative curriculum development tailored to using a dog for specific learning
  • Community preparation and education
  • Legal and safety considerations
  • Dog selection
How does our school do this?

We start with a free consultation then followed by timeline and pricing. Over an extended period we offer guidance and skill development.

In 2015 my daughter was in the classroom which piloted this program. It was the most connecting thing that she has been involved with at school.

As someone who has been involved in schools for the past 30 years I could not rate this experience any higher and would highly recommend it for schools.

Craig Simpson,
Former Primary School Principal

Students develop their ability to assess factors that may influence or change their decisions.

These skills will help in the future to further develop their ability not only to read a dog’s moods but also the mood of people around them. Their sense of ‘Social Awareness’ developed tremendously as did the student’s ‘Self Management’ skills.

Grace Scalora
Pastoral Wellbeing Coordinator,
St. Francis of the Fields Primary School

I’ve been extremely grateful for your program. It has been great for Joel – teaching him how to be kind, caring and respectful at his level.

I think this experience and the skills will enhance Joel’s approach to life in general and will stay with him for a long time.

Parent of Grade 4 Student

Grant’s innovation and holistic approach to curriculum development and student and staff well-being is inspirational.  He brings real change to the lives of students and those around him.

Bruce Pridham
Lecturer in Learning Theory
and Indigenous Education,
La Trobe University

I had heard about this program and arranged for a disengaged and harmful young man and I to spend some time with them. The result after such a short time was truly amazing.

Anna Garlick, Wellbeing Worker,
St Peter’s Primary School, Bendigo

Bein’ able to calm myself down will be helpful in lots of times. I reckon I’ll use it before I read at mass and I get nervous, I’ll do it when I get nervous before a race or a test, and I can use it to help me make a good decision if I want to hurt someone.

Student – 10 years old


Sonny in action. Working with students to improve learning.

Stay tuned for videos showing our program in action

Dogs Connect

Bringing learning to life.


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