B.Ed, M.Ed (App. Learning), M.Ed (Student Wellbeing)

Dogs Connect was launched in 2015, by former primary school teacher Grant Shannon.

During his ten-year teaching career Grant recognised that his students needed more from traditional education and decided to create a program to help students feel more connected and engaged in their school environment.

Grant’s great passion for education has driven him to research the significant benefits of having a dog in the classroom. Grant willingly shares his knowledge and scientific evidence, teaching students and staff how to build emotional intelligence and resilience. Many schools are now witnessing first-hand the impact the program is having on academic outcomes.

He is currently working on a research partnership with Latrobe University to contribute to the growing evidence supporting the beneficial use of dogs working as learning support in school settings.


Student and teacher

Sonny is a Labradoodle and has been working in schools since he was eight weeks old. He has been trained to behave appropriately in a range of school settings and situations and works as a teaching and learning facilitator, as well as a student.

Sonny’s job is to demonstrate a range of examples of how a dog can be used in schools to improve the culture and social and emotional wellbeing of students and staff.

Sonny is not a school pet, he is a dog working as a teaching and learning facilitator, who also happens to love fetching balls.


Student and teacher

Jack is the new kid (a.k.a student, teacher and dog) on the block. He is in the middle of his training, learning how to behave appropriately in all school situations and will be graduating soon.